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Bands are hitting the road for the spring and summer, including our very own Cheap Trick. These road dogs have not been out touring for over 400 days. I'm sure they are excited to be out doing what they love once again.

I was hitting up the grocery store in Roscoe on Sunday morning, just another simple "no frills" weekend in my life, and I passed by Rick Nielsen. Wait, what? I thought the Cheap Trick fellas were on the roaad? I know it's early, and yes "I" am buying shampoo and makeup remover, but wow that's Rick Nielsen in the liquor department at Schnucks in Roscoe! Again, I know it's early and I'm not always at my best early in the morning, but I swear he's supposed to be in like another state or something?

I talked to Rick for a while, he didn't have much to say...which was also weird because he usually has plenty to say. Also, I felt like he just kept staring at me and offering me a drink? I was quite thirsty, I mean I was strolling through the liquor department for a reason.

So after a one sided conversation, I felt the need to put some Rock'N Vodka in my cart and go home. It's almost like he told me to even though he didn't say a single word.

I watched other cart past him and look, again no words. What a strange, strange interaction with Rick Nielsen...


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