Milwaukee Summerfest Grounds will serve tasty dishes at Food Truck Fest.

I Am A Big Fan Of The Food And Food Fests

I will not lie to you, I am a huge fan of food. I enjoy eating. Really, who does not? It is a nice hobby to have.

My friend and I even have an eating-related catchphrase. It is "I am a big fan of the food." Neither of us can take credit. We heard someone use it a few years and adopted it as our own.

Of course, since I am a big fan of the food, I am also a big fan of food fests.

My first one was Taste of Chicago as a kid. I remember my family would go every year. Back then, they used to sell small samples at each booth. That way you could actually try more things. We would explore up and down the aisles and share different dishes along the way. There was always a great variety.

Then smaller versions of the "taste" starting popping up all over the area. It gave us the opportunity to check out food from different communities. That was a lot of fun.

Soon, they went from samples to full meals. You were not able to experiment anymore. You basically could only have a couple of dishes before getting too full to continue.

Unfortunately, for several different reasons, many of the food fests shut down. The survivors have gotten expensive and crowded.

I would love for them to come back. In fact, they have but in a little bit different form.

Here Come The Food Trucks

When I first started hearing about food trucks a couple of years ago, it was not actually what I pictured.

I thought about back in the day, when I was home for summer from college and I worked in a factory. Each morning, a food truck would stop by at break time. The other employees called it a "Roach Coach."

It was basically a convenient store on wheels. They served sandwiches, snacks, and beverages. Nothing fancy.

The modern-day food trucks are completely different. They are like mini-traveling restaurants. You can get everything from breakfast to gourmet meals.

We have quite a few in Rockford that are very delicious. Many more have started over the last year or so.

Now, communities have taken food trucks to the next level. They now host "Food Truck Fests." Instead of a bunch of booths, there are several vehicles in a parking lot. It's a lot of fun.

Food Truck Fest Is Coming To The Summerfest Grounds In Milwaukee

Wisconsin and Milwaukee are amazing places to eat. They host fairs and festivals all the time. It just makes sense for them to be home to many food trucks and a food truck fest.

One of my favorite places for festivals is located in Milwaukee. It is the Summerfest grounds. Not only does it host that huge music festival but it also is home to several other events too.

According to,

"Milwaukee is getting a food truck festival this summer at the Summerfest grounds. Milwaukee World Festival Inc. and OnMilwaukee are putting on the MKE Food Truck Fest from noon to 5 p.m. July 24 at Henry Maier Festival Park, 200 N. Harbor Drive. MKE Food Truck Festival is a fun opportunity for us to showcase diverse food trucks throughout the region."

Sounds like a tasty good time. I am going to add it to my ever-growing list of things I would like to do this summer.

For more info, HERE.

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