A forest preserve in Illinois is now home to a new beer garden.

It's Beer Drinking Season

Okay, so my dad would say anytime is a good moment for a beer. He loved his brew. I saw the man drink a beer while tailgating for a Chicago Bears playoff game in January. The temperature with wind chill was 30 below zero. It was freezing before he could finish it.

I do believe if there was an actual beer drinking season like sports, this time of year is perfect. The heat makes an ice-cold beer so refreshing.

Like Frank "The Tank" says in the movie Old School, "it tastes so good when it hits your lips."

Drinking Beer Outside Is The Best

The perfect spot to enjoy a tasty beverage is outside. There are so many options. You can just stay home and kick back on your deck. You can hit a patio at your favorite local watering hole. Plus, so many other options.

I suggest doing a little research and checking out a unique beer garden. I have personally been to a couple in my life. Places that would not normally partake in adult beverages.

Some locations have made a lasting impression. To just name a couple... at a zoo, on the beach, and concert venue.

I just found out about a new one in Illinois that I have to visit.

Illinois Forest Preserve Opens Beer Garden

Where I grew up, you were not allowed to bring alcohol into forest preserves. I remember on picnics, my dad would sneak beer in a plastic cup.

I guess it all depends on where you live and what the rules are. As far as I know, most forest preserves prohibit booze. That is why the idea of a beer garden located in one is interesting to me.

According to visitlakecounty.org,

"Lake County Forest Preserves District is excited to announce the opening of the new outdoor Beer Garden at Independence Grove in Libertyville. The Beer Garden features a variety of local craft brews on tap, along with packaged snacks and other beverages."

For more info, HERE.

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