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Crashing a wedding in Eau Claire, Wisconsin with the goal of "getting laid" didn't go at planned for William Dickinson.

William and two co-workers were drinking at the local "Best Western" when they decided to make their own fun and crash a wedding. William danced, groped a couple girls, made an ass out of himself and the bride...had enough. Oh, did I fail to mention one of the girls he was feeling up was 17?? Here comes the pain!

After all of Mr. Dickinson's "fun" was over, he approached the bride and apologized...Sorry I didn't ruin your big day, etc...The bride than laid him out with a shot to the eye, bam! Check out the mugshot, way to go bride!

Once arrested, William was charged with the following:

  • Physical abuse of a child, a felony.
  • Disorderly conduct
  • Two counts of fourth-degree sexual assault

William posted $1000 bond and was free from jail. The judge ordered William Dickinson to not have any contact what so ever with any underaged females. The kicker for William and all of his Best Western drinking buddies, the judge ALSO ordered complete sobriety AND to stay out of any taverns, bars, or place where alcohol is primarily served/sold...whoa how NOT VERY Wisconsin. That one probably hurts a bit.

Did I mention that is loser ALSO punched the father of the bride at the wedding reception? Enjoy your sobriety, you obviously need it. TheSmokingGun

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