Carpenter's Place in Rockford plays a vital roll in helping the homeless citizens of this city, so when they ask for our help, we need to answer their call.

Yesterday Carpenter's Place posted an urgent plea for meal help in August, and I'm hoping we can all pitch in to help them. This request is not only for food items but also volunteers to help serve the meals.


If you would like to help provide food but aren't sure exactly what they need, here's the response Carpenter's Place gave to someone who was wondering about the number of volunteers needed and types of meals that work:

 Serving time is 12:30 at 1149 Railroad Avenue. Having 4 servers is usually a good number; more can come, if the group is larger. There is a lot of flexibility in the or cold is fine. Some groups order food (Subways, fried chicken, pasta, etc) If other hot food is provided, we have roaster to keep it hot.) Breakfast is usually for about 50/60 people; lunch is 80/90.

For more info on volunteering time or providing help to Carpenter's Place, visit or call 815-964-4105.

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