He might be showing his age here because that was downright calm for a Big Z outburst. 

Before we get going here a quick disclaimer. Carlos Zambrano was one of my favorite Cubs of all time. He, Derrick Lee, and Aramis Ramierez will always have a special place in my heart as the core of the last Cubs team that gave us hope during the century of futility. Also known as the B.E. (Before Epstein) era.

The guy was electric. Threw a no-hitter for the Cubs in Milwaukee as the home team. Was appointment TV everytime he took the mound because you didn't want to miss an episode like this:

Or this:

Here's a medley of his hits:

As much as I'll remember him for his no-hitter and homerun power, I'll equally remember him for absolutely destroying a Gatorade machine and launching a baseball from home plate to the warning track in disgust. The dude was just entertaining.

That's why the above ejection is so surprising. Umpire heaves Big Z....

Quick sidebar:

How much trouble do you think that umpire got into? You can't hear what Zambrano said but he wasn't being that demonstrative and was walking away from the action. Those two things will usually save you from an ejection in the majors. Not this guy though. Couldn't wait to toss Zambrano. Probably texted his buddies about it before the game. Dude, there are like 1,000 people in the stands and you just ejected the main reason they came. No one comes to the game to see the umps, unless you're Joe West.


So junior there tosses Big Z and Zambrano just calmly hands the ball over and walks off. It was almost like the ump just called a pitching change and Carlos was like "Sounds good to me, have some food waiting for me in the locker room."

When Zambrano started this journey with the Chicago Dogs there was some thought that maybe he can work himself back into playing shape. The jury is still out. He has an ERA around 4 in 30 innings pitched. He seems to be missing a little on his fastball and honestly, he's not even close to his playing day's ejection form.

Carlos, you have a little more work to do. Thanks for keeping it funny the whole time.

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