Lori will be on the air Friday for the last time, as she prepares for her maternity leave.


First off, yes she is coming back. Second, you will be introduced to her fill-in on Friday. Lastly, we have a body double when we hit the road. The body double doesn't say much, she's a little flat, but has a great smile.

I took "Cardboard Lori" on her first field trip today to Edward's Apple Orchard. As you can tell by the pictures she had a great time. Boy did we have fun!

Last year we made the rounds, doing all the local fall activities. Since Lori will be gone having a baby, I wanted to make sure we did all these things together again, sort of.

We ate apples, ride tractors, watched them make donuts, so much fun with Cardboard Lori today.

She will be coming with me this weekend too, oh the fun we will have.