It was a normal drive to work this morning, or so I thought.

loves park police go above and beyond
Ben185, ThinkStock

So I'm heading down North 2nd this morning listening to Double T, planning out my day in my head.  I'm in that mode where I'm not really focused on things like "my speed", and then it happened. I was signaling to take the Spring Creek exit, and there was a cop behind me with his lights on.

I got off the exit and pulled over. The Love Park Police Officer walked up and asked THE question..."So do you know why I pulled you over"?  Because I wasn't paying attention and going with the flow of traffic, I seriously had no clue.

It turns out I was obviously speeding and after my insurance and license checked out, I had a great chat with officer 847. Super nice guy with a passion for just making sure that everyone has a safe drive to work.

So I received a warning for my law breaking and was sent on my way. Ironic that a few days after I posted my "Get out of jail free card" picture with Rockford Police Chief Dan O'Shea that I get pulled over, not that that would work in Loves Park anyway.





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