I'm good at three things according to my bully, burping, farting and THIS.

Most of you already know that I have been bullied. I couldn't believe the comments I was receiving via social media about myself. I let them wash off my back, no one can rain on my parade!

I wrote a blog about it which you can see here.

Captain Jack and I decided to have a little fun this Friday and let my bully know that their comments do not hurt me, and in fact... they are quite amusing.

One comment was that I'm only good at three things. 1. Burping, which I'm actually super good at, I just haven't mastered burping the alphabet. 2. Farting, actually I think my husband is the best. 3. ??? Bully didn't tell me what I was good at.

Captain Jack decided that I'm really good at doing this:


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