Only a dope would do this.

Police in Australia posted a story about a real bonghead bonehead who called the station to complain that her drug dealer increased his prices.

Dumb, right? Everyone knows that when someone tries to rip you off you call the Bong Business Bureau Better Business Bureau. At least the woman had the good sense to hang up before she revealed anyone's name.

A drug dealer, like a plumber or a mechanic, relies on solid word of mouth to generate business, so while it's good the cops aren't yet onto this price gouger it's not looking likely that this dissatisfied lady will recommend him on Angie's List anytime soon.

Maybe the dealer is ticked off that he's got an obnoxious customer who's harassing him. If he's smart he won't call the police because two bongs don't make a right two wrongs don't make a right.

Now, someone go call the cops to report us for making the same lame joke way too many times in one story.

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