With the Big Game going down this Sunday, how can we include some local flavor into the ridiculous prop bets?

Tom Brady Super Bowl
Ronald Martinez / Getty Images

As Tom Brady prepares to give a giant, silent middle finger to the NFL this weekend let's make this a little more fun.

You can bet on basically everything during the Super Bowl. The coin toss, the length of the National Anthem, what color underwear will the mascots wear.

What if we threw some Rockford into the side bets for this Sunday? What if we came up with 5 Rockford Super Bowl Bets.

  • Every Time a Super Bowl Commercial Airs With an Animal in it, drink a Vanilla Bitch Slap From Pig Minds Brewing.
  • What's More Likely to Happen During the Game, Coach Bill Belichick Smiles or The Clock Tower Shows the Correct Time.
  • Every Time Joe Buck Says "Deflate Gate" you Have to run Around the Symbol Backwards, 10 Times.
  • When, and I repeat WHEN, Troy Aikman Loses his Train of Thought While Speaking, you Have to Stand up and Shout "I love Screw City"!
  • If During the Pre-Game the "Super Bowl Shuffle" is played on TV, the Owner of the House you are at Watching the Game Must buy Burgers From 15th & Chris for Everyone.

Enjoy the Big Game and everything that goes along with it this weekend, let me know how your side bets go.


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