Back in the day, I had to learn to write in cursive. Now, this lost art is being forgotten. 

WGN TV says that for multiple times, the Indiana State Senate has passed a bill that would force schools in Indiana to have children learn to write in cursive.

Here is the reasoning for the bill:

"The bill’s author, Republican Sen. Jean Leising of Oldenburg, suggests learning cursive will help students read old documents and retain information. She asks if it’s a local issue if there are state students who “can’t write.”

I know that my handwriting, especially in cursive, is next to the worst you can find. BUT, does that mean that I want my kids to not learn it?

That led me to think that there are many people who might have an opinion on this subject. Should schools be forced to teach cursive to students? You can vote on that right now and the results will be given next week.

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