Just in time for Easter, Bunny Farts flavored cotton candy is now available.

I was at the grocery store over the weekend and walked down the Easter candy aisle. It blew me away with all the different types that are available. It could rival Halloween.

There is something new and special out this year and you can't buy it at your neighborhood store.

According to thisinsider.com,

"For those searching for a more unconventional alternative, look no further than the "Bag of Bunny Farts" cotton candy from Little Stinker. The description for the fruit punch-flavored pink cotton candy, the Easter Bunny consumes a "magically unique diet of apples, carrots, and candy known to produce farts that are sugary and delicious."

From the Business Insider MY Twitter page.

Now, that's some funny stuff.

By the way, 10% of the proceeds will be donated to charity.

If you would like to order some, go HERE.

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