The world is a crazy place right now, but our focus is on the wrong problems.

Photo - Captain Jack
Photo - Captain Jack

Turn on the news or scroll social media, there are so many out of control issues in society right now. There is something that effects every person, and how we deal with it is key.

I've developed this new stance in life, maybe it's just me getting older or hell maybe I'm wiser. "Be Still" is my motto, think about that for a second. Take a moment to inhale, close your eyes, and "Be Still". It may not answer every question, it may not bring solution to every problem, but for a moment in time you can focus on the future and all the good it will bring.

O.K., with that said I need to address a problem that is real. This is something that I noticed three times yesterday and again early this morning. I think our focus as a society is on the WRONG problems. Ladies and gentlemen we are being invaded, by Boxelder Bugs.

They may appear harmless, but i think they are evil and they are plotting something against humanity. I was sitting in my office yesterday doing something awesome, and looked out my window. They were everywhere, and they were looking at me.

Later in the day when it was time to go on the air, I turned around to look out the window (time to give an accurate weather forecast) and there they were again, hundreds of them.

I started to question their motives, were they following me? Were these the same little fellas that were at my office window, I think so.

So this morning I'll leaving the gym, there they are again. Keep your eyes peeled people, they are taking over and the end result won't be pretty.