Dr. Trina Blackman and her staff at "Blackman Family Chiropractic" have been cracking people up, and so much more for 20 years!

Congrats to Dr. Trina and the great staff at Blackman Family Chiropractic in Roscoe on their 20th Anniversary.


Blackman Chiropractic in Roscoe will be celebrating our 20th anniversary on January 6th. This is an organization that supports the health and wellbeing of the Roscoe, IL community in a variety of ways.

Dr. Trina Morgan grew up in Belvidere and went the Palmer College of Chiropractic. She graduated at Palmer in 2000....But doesn't look a day over 21. (Chiropractor brownie points)

Blackman Chiropractic opened in Roscoe on January 6, 2003. Dr Trina and her staff  continue to serve the state line area with some BIG NEWS for 2023. A brand new CLINIC. That's right, let's break ground and get after it. This has been something Dr. Trina has been working on for quite a while and a new clinic (a few feet away) will officially be happening in 2023!

Congrats to Dr. Trina and the entire staff at Blackman Family Chiropractic in Roscoe! 20 years gives you a LOT to celebrate! I would suggest that everyone stops by or calls or emails or texts or sends smoke signals up the clinic and say congrats!

Trina Blackman-Morgan DC
Trina Blackman-Morgan DC

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