The officials from Guinness World Records made multiple trips to Illinois during the last year to witness history.

Illinois Has Very Successful Year In 2022 Breaking World Records

Ever since I saw the Guinness Book Of World Records for the very first time in my grade school library, I've been fascinated with it. I even bought a couple of copies for myself from the Scholastic book club. They are probably still on the bookshelf in my mom's basement. When I was a kid, I thought it would be pretty darn cool to be a part of that history. In 2022, several people had that same dream and they were able to make it happen.

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11 World Records Were Broken In Illinois During 2022

According to, 

Largest Fruit Display 

  • 211,000 bananas weighing 77,365 pounds and 15.13 ounces.

Most Claps In A Minute

  • 1,1140 total

Most Lanyards Worn At One Time

  • 509 total

Fastest Time To Win The Chicago Wheelchair Marathon (Male)

  • Finish time of 1 hour, 25 minutes, and 20 seconds

Most Glow Sticks Lit (Cracked) In One Minute

  • 58 total

Most Dogs Attending A Film Screening

  • 1999 total

Largest Collection Of Lobo Related Memorabilia

  • 2,260 total

Oldest Rabbit Living

  • 15 years and 243 days (at the time of the record)
Rabbit in Field
11 World Records Broken In Illinois During 2022

Largest Museum Display Of Pin Badges

  • 9,000 total

Largest Paper Snowflake

  • 44 feet and 6 inches

Largest Collection Of Ladybird / Ladybug Related Items

  • 6,047 total
Apple leaf with ladybug and raindrops in the garden on spring
11 World Records Broken In Illinois During 2022

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Tiny Illinois Town is in Guinness Book of World Records 12 Times

One very small Illinois town has built themselves into a giant across the globe and I'll bet you didn't even know. Neither did I. A whole lotta wow going on.

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