The haunting season is upon us, so whether your eyes are playing tricks on you or these things are really happening...let's investigate something a little too close to home.

From Phantoms and Monsters comes a story of of Route 70 just north of Rockford.

Driving down a country road in Winnebago County, this couple witnessed what they thought was a deer in a cornfield. Then all of a sudden, the corn literally parts open just to the right of us. This 'thing' steps out. It was the size of a large man and all black. As it walked out of the corn it was well illuminated by my headlights. It leaped and opened these huge set of wings, and instantly went airborne. - Curt

The description of this creature:

  • Approx 6 foot tall
  • Thin frame
  • Had arms and legs
  • Wing span approx 15 feet
  • All black

If you see this, or any other type of creature, you can contact 


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