In Rockford, beware of answering your door for solicitors who approach your house.

After recent incidents, where people acting as door-to-door salesmen committed a home invasion and fly-by-night storm damage chasers. The Rockford Police Department posted some advice on their Facebook page.

"Use caution when answering the door for solicitors."

"You are under no obligation to talk to them."

"Request to see I.D. and permit."

My rule of thumb is simple. If I don't know you, I'm not going to answer the door for you.

I'm not going to buy something off of someone randomly knocking on my door. I use to be nice, answer the door, and give a polite "No thank you." Not anymore.

It's so sad you can't trust anybody you don't know. I don't buy from kids unless I know them. I won't even open the door for the religious organizations.

There are always several solicitors in my neighborhood. Even with my "No Soliciting" sign, they will still knock on my door. It drives me crazy.

I decided to not answer my door for strangers on my own a few years ago, but I really feel like I'm doing the right thing. Especially, since the Rockford Police Department recommends it.

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