If you're frustrated by getting bothered by salespeople who come to your door, here are five ways to avoid that situation.

Door-To-Door Salespeople Can Be Annoying When They Come To Your Home

I'm one of those keep-to-myself sort of people. I really don't know any of my neighbors and I'm definitely good with that. I live in a neighborhood that has door-to-door solicitors that go up and down our block constantly. I understand that they're just trying to make a living but it does get really annoying after a while.

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Avoiding Solicitors In Illinois
Avoiding Solicitors In Illinois

5 Ways To Avoid Door-To-Door Solicitors

How do you avoid talking to them because those solicitors can be very pushy? Don't worry, I've got some suggestions.

#1 Remove The Welcome Mat

  • If you don't have one, go immediately to the store and purchase yourself a "No Soliciting" sign. That sends the message that you're not interested in buying anything from them so go away.

#2 Play Possum

  • This is what we do at our house. Even though we are home, the idea is to make it seem like we aren't. Our blinds are closed and there's very little activity around the front door. Sorry, but if I don't know, there's no way I'm answering the door.

#3 Scare Them

  • Without actually threatening them, the best way to put a little fear into the solicitors is with warning signs like "No Trespassing," "Beware Of The Dog (let your puppy do some barking nearby)," or make it known that you've got a home security system.

#4 Communication

  • Without opening the door or window, yell something like "Not Interested," "No Thank you," or "Go Away."

#5 Fence

  • This one takes a little more work but it's usually successful. Put up a fence and lock the gate. Then they can't even get to your house.

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