Since March of 2020, owning a business that serves food has been a tremendous struggle for families throughout Illinois. That is what led to Benny's bad news.

For over a year, I've often tried to imagine what it must be like for a small business owner trying to survive the covid pandemic and now it's variant aftermath.

Owning a small business is already an extremely difficult line of work without all the additional struggles the pandemic has caused, and for Benny's Dariette at1402 Montague Street in Rockford, it's all just too much.

Benny's Dariette via Facebook

The difficulties of finding employees who will stay and the continuously rising costs of food and supplies. Often those items are either very limited or completely unavailable, making it next to impossible to offer customers what they've come to love about a place.

The BAD News

Benny's Dariette delivered the bad news to customers today via their Facebook page saying,

"Yesterday my family and I had a meeting to discuss are situation at the Dariette. We came to the conclusion that it's time to end our season. With all the issues of under staffed, product price increases, limited supplies , and Covid on the rise, it's frustrating. So with that being said, we will be ending our season Saturday August 7th."


It's sad that one of our community's greatest snack treasures is having such difficulty. That makes this good news they shared even more important.

The GOOD News

The End of the Season Ice Cream and Granita Special

Benny's Dariette via Facebook

My oh my! Those granitas are incredible.

Starting Saturday, August 7, Benny's will begin selling quarts of their ice cream for just $5 and quarts of their granitas for $6.

Benny's will be pre-packaging everything so your can get in and out quickly. Speaking of quickly, when they run out, they're out.

Guess that means we need to hurry.


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