Love ice cream but you also want abs?

Do you want to workout, but the only exercise you can seem to achieve is a bicep curl with a your mouth...full of cold stone creaminess?

Yeah, me too, but it's all good though; you want to know why? Because we're are about to get the best personal trainers ever- Ben and Jerry. Ever heard of 'em?

You know them for their palatable pints of ice cream filled with chocolate chip cookie dough, peanut butter cookies, delectable brownie batter and rich; creamy caramel, but what you might NOT know, is that Ben & Jerry are now getting in the low calorie ice cream game.

According to This is Insider, the ice cream makers from Vermont are hoping to melt away their "healthy" ice cream competition, Halo Top, with "Moo-phoria;" which cuts the sugar and fat but still has the same delicious taste of their other ice cream flavors which are typically 1,000 calories per pint.

They're currently offering three flavors which have about 140 calories per half cup, or 560 calories for the whole container.

This is Insider says the new line up will be available "later this month" but I've also seen reports that they hit the shelves today (February 7th). So, if you excuse me, I'll BRB; I have to see if I can find these.

If I find them, I promise to report back.


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