Looks like humans aren't the only ones who enjoy the buzz from marijuana, bees do too but for different reasons.


For some time, I remember seeing stories in my news feed about bees being in danger of extinction and now it looks like cannabis, or industrial hemp could stop all that.

In a new study, it was learned that hemp attracts bees in droves. Both wild and domestic bees love several different strains too. The taller the better!

Researchers believe this to be true because of the high amounts of pollen found in the hemp flowers.

A big part of this is that hemp blooms in the timeframe bees need it most, between the end of July and the end of September.

With more and more states legalizing marijuana bee populations will be able to find food during a time of year where other options aren't that great.

Soil and Crop scientist for Colorado State University Colton O'Brien and the author of the study, has said:

Industrial hemp can play an important role in providing sustained nutritional options for bees during the cropping season"

Not only will this provide food for the bees, but hemp can also provide habitat.

Thankfully the 2018 Farm Bill was passed in December and that legalized hemp production in the United States where 80,000 acres are already under cultivation. Currently, there are also permits for an additional 15,000 acres that are waiting for approval.

How long before we Illinoisians see cannabis plants lining the roads alongside our corn crops?

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