Partly Sunny and 91 this Sunday in Rockford, sounds pretty good to me.


There are those that complain about the heat, I get it 91 is pretty toasty.

On record, the hottest temperature for this Sunday June 26th was in 1931 in Rockford, when it was 100.

According to KTAR, this Sunday in Piedra, Arizona it will literally be the hottest point ON EARTH. The small town outside of Phoenix will hit a crazy hot 127 degrees on Sunday , which will make it the hottest temperature measured on Earth in 2016.

My "serious" questions:


  •  How do you dress for 127
  • Is it possible to finish an ice cream cone outside without a mess
  • Is there an SPF 1000 sunscreen
  • Can you do bacon and eggs on a car hood


Here is the wet weather forecast for today!