After the winter that never seemed to end, here we are.

Summer Sun Face with sunglass and Happy Smile. Vector Illustration

I think it's funny that I'm talking about ways to stay cool. The winter was blah, and spring was cold and rainy. But here we are folks, in the heat of what should be a great summer.

With temps in the 90's this weekend, I thought I would look into some cheap ways to stay cool.


  • Take a shower, and don’t towel off - Drip dry?
  • Go to the library - Cool with Wi-Fi
  • See a matinee - Wonder Woman anyone
  • Keep the curtains drawn during the day - Sunlight out, heat down
  • Wear light colors - Even the "coolest" rockers know that black all the time is ridiculous
  • Freeze your pillowcase - Include a spoon and a gallon of mint chip
  • Eat strategically - Also spicy foods are a no no
  • Open your windows at night - Opening them during the day can make the house hotter
  • Don’t use the oven to cook - Giant heat box
  • Keep bottles of water in your freezer - Just ice it down






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