The rumors are true, Jolt Cola is coming back this month to Rockford.

Before there were drinks like Red Bull and Monster to boost your energy, in the 80's we had Jolt Cola. Unfortunately, it wasn't around long. Who knew years later, there would be a whole world of energy drinks available.

I remember in high school getting out of class and running up to the White Hen Pantry to pick up a Jolt Cola before football practice. After a long day of school, I needed a little jump start and more than a regular soda could give.

According to,

"Starting September 21, Jolt will be sold exclusively at Dollar General stores, which seems kind of fitting, in 16-ounce cans for $1 each."

Make sure you add Jolt to your next grocery list.

Are you excited for its return?

What will they bring back from the 80's next?

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