We all know that one guy that can't seem to function without a giant can of some sort of energy drink in the morning.

I live with this guy. It seems like I was buying at least 3 of them a day for him to take to work with him the following day.

Its like just drink some coffee or a Mountain Dew, it's cheaper and way better for your heart, dude.

But sometimes it's the guy you see out at the bar downing Red Bull and vodka, probably still wearing Ed Hardy or Tap Out gear, that shares inappropriate articles on social media, argues with complete strangers on the internet, and may or may not say something that is borderline racist.

This person may or may not use a douche flute and be surrounded by a cotton candy cloud of lies.

Turns out there are a lot of "that guy' out in the world, so they've conducted a study to see if there's a link between a lot of energy drink consumption and being a total a-hole.

The study was published in Health Psychology where they had 467 men, between the ages of 18 to 62, and asked them a series of questions.

The study found that backward viewpoints and a fondness for energy drinks seem to go together. Meaning it might make you a real asshat.

The fancy technical way the researchers put it was:

The present study adds to the literature on potential negative health implications of the endorsement of traditional masculinity ideology by offering a link between predictors of energy drink use (masculinity ideology, outcome expectations) and health outcomes of energy drink use (e.g., sleep disturbance). 

So if you feel this hits a tad to close to home for you, ease back on the energy drinks. Do it for those around you and most importantly your health. Mental and physical. Too much of that stuff really isn't great for your ticker.

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