The NFL is a business, a big dollar business. As fans we become attached to certain players, but they can vanish in a moment.

As a Bears fan I can admit out loud that Aaron Rodgers of the Green Bay Packers is pretty damn good. Could you imagine Aaron in a Chicago Bears uniform?

Aaron is "older" by NFL standards. 36 doesn't sound too old to any of us, but by pro football standards he's an old guy. So now what the Green Bay Packers have drafted a QB what is in his future for Rodgers? Maybe he plays for the Chicago Bears.

In this video interview with Aaron Rodgers he admitted that when the Green Bay Packers drafted a quarterback, he poured himself a tall glass of tequila. This is a good, honest interview with #12 and he doesn't hold back about his feelings.

The final question of this interview puts the idea of going to a different team out there. Could Aaron Rodgers play for the, gulp, Chicago Bears? Check out his response:


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