The Chicago White Sox will now be playing at Guaranteed Rate Field, and Twitter doesn't like that at all.

As a White Sox Fan myself, I feel like I need to make mention of the new name change.

Honestly, I don't care. It will always be Comiskey to me, and I will always call it Comiskey. (Although I probably have lovingly called it 'The Cell' from time to time.

It's just like The World Music Theater, or whatever they call it these days, or the Sears Tower. That's just what they will always be to me.

Many have very strong opinions about what the stadium should be called instead of the new name which starts November 1st, Guaranteed Rate Field.

Twitter has just exploded over the news and everyone wants in on a piece of the action. The hashtag #BetterSoxStadiumNames has popped up everywhere with suggestions. Here are my favorite:

I think they are all great! But my favorite has to be this one:

If you could name White Sox Field, what would you name it? Let us know in the comments below.