Baby it's cold outside and it's not warming up anytime soon.

Photo - Captain Jack
Photo - Captain Jack

The Rockford forecast calls for cold, and more cold. Do you truly know how to prepare to be outside in this?

Wind chills, below zero temps, the kind of cold that literally takes your breath away. This sure is a fun time of year

Leave it to the wit and wisdom of Tina Fox to warm us all up. Tina has perfected the art of staying warm during these cold Rockford months. As we were discussing our weekends his morning, the common thing we kept going back to was how damn cold it is.

As always, Tina Fox has answers and they are interesting.

Here are 6 Rockford Winter Survival Tips from Tina Fox:

  • Booze - Just a little to warm the insides, good for your soul
  • Hot Hands All Day - Always have Hot Hands with you. In your pockets, in your car, always.
  • Thick Clothes - Thicker clothing and in layers. Bette to have too much then not enough.
  • Run to the building - Watch out for ice, but the wind is no joke. Run.
  • Thick socks - Better to have sweaty feet than frozen toes
  • Jumbo Scarf - I love my Jumbo Scarf. Keeps my face and neck super warm.




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