Who knew that Illinois was full of so many brilliant innovators!?

I once thought I had invented something awesome to only have the glory ripped out from underneath me. I was at a baseball game once, eating plenty of nachos and drinking my fair share of brewskis. I thought to myself, I wish I had my toothbrush! I then thought about what if there was something in my purse, that I could just put on my finger-tip and rub on my teeth and it would freshen my mouth. GENIUS!

Then next day, one of the catchiest commercials from Oral-B came on with the slogan "Brush... Ahhhhh!" and it was the Oral-B Brush Ups. A weird toothpaste filled thingy that you could fit in your purse and use without water on your fingertip to brush your teeth in a pinch. Oh well...

There have been many big thinkers right here in Illinois. Here are 7 Inventions That Were Made in Illinois.

1. The Cellphone: Probably the most used item of all the inventions on the list. I don't know where I would be without my cellphone, or where I was without it. The cellphone was invented in Schaumburg, IL by Martin Cooper in 1973.

2. Barbed Wire: Joseph Glidden of DeKalb, was granted a patent for his improved version of barbed wire fencing in November 1874. The barbs, made from coffee mill, were held in place by one wire twisted around the other. Ahh, so that's where the Glidden name comes from!

3. Softball: The game of softball that we all know and love was invented in Chicago by George Hancock who at the time was working for the Chicago Board of Trade as a reporter. It was intended to be a winter sport and indoors.

4. Vacuum Cleaner: Ives W. McGaffey patented the first 'sweeping machine' in Chicago in June of 1869. It was a hand pumped model and was called the Whirlwind.

5. Dentistry: If you hate going to the dentist, you can blame Dr. Greene Vardiman Black of Jacksonville, IL. He brought modern dentistry after the Civil War. He was the first to utilize modern equipment and practices.

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