So far this year, Illinois State Police have written almost 2,500 tickets for driving over 100 MPH.

I will admit, I have driven over the speed limit in Illinois. I'm going to guess you have too. I would say it's a say bet, that just about everyone that gets behind the wheel in this state at one point will break that law.

Now, the next question is "by how much?" A couple of miles per hour isn't bad. Five to ten is okay. Any more than that gets dangerous.

Have you ever gone over 100 MPH? That's pushing your luck. Plus, it's a very expensive ticket. Think about those increased insurance rates.

According to,

"Illinois State Police are telling drivers to slow down. In a Facebook post, ISP says from Jan. 1 through Nov. 19, they issued 2,492 citations for drivers speeding 100 miles per hour or more. In the post, state police said “2,492 citations. 2,492 bad decisions. Police also told drivers to slow down."

Don't be in such a hurry, so you arrive at your destination in one piece.

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