Unfortunately, two Rockford neighborhoods make the list of the most violent neighborhoods in the United States.

Warning: Four sentence rant of my own opinions ahead.

These lists always make me angry. Call me Yoko Ono if you want, I don't care, why can't we just give peace a chance. Why can't we all be happy and be nice to one another. It's shouldn't be that hard.

Whew! I'm glad I got that off my chest. Thanks. Now let us get to the facts.

A new list has been put together of the most dangerous neighborhoods in America. Sure, Rockford has made lists before about being one of the most dangerous cities in the U.S. but the reality is, many of the most dangerous cities are only listed because of their dangerous neighborhoods.

Neighborhoodscout.com has used exclusive data they developed based on FBI data from all 17,000 local law enforcement agencies in America. Then, they looked at specific neighborhoods that have the highest predicted rates of violent crimes per 1,000 residents. You can learn more about the ranking system here.

Now, let us get to the list:

RankNeighborhoodViolent Crime Rate
(per 1,000)
My Chances of
Becoming a
Victim Here
(in one year)
25Baton Rouge, LA
(N Lobdell Ave / Harry Dr)
68.961 in 15
24Chicago, IL
(S Pulaski Rd / W Lexington St)
71.551 in 14
23St. Louis, MO
(Clara Ave / Saint Louis Ave)
72.091 in 14
22Washington, DC
(Atlantic St SE / 4th St SE)
72.651 in 14
21Saginaw, MI
(Lapeer Ave / E Genesee Ave)
73.171 in 14
20Chicago, IL
(S Indiana Ave / E 60th St)
75.181 in 13
19West Memphis, AR
(E Jackson Ave / Autumn Ave)
76.031 in 13
18Rockford, IL
(N Rockton Ave / W State St)
76.731 in 13
17Omaha, NE
(N 24th St / Ames Ave)
76.951 in 13
16Cincinnati, OH
(Central Pky / Central Ave)
80.211 in 12
15Baltimore, MD
(E Oliver St / N Broadway)
80.491 in 12
14Oklahoma City, OK
(NE 36th St / N Martin Luther King Ave)
81.311 in 12
13East St. Louis, IL
(Caseyville Ave / N Park Dr)
82.691 in 12
12New Orleans, LA
(Conti St / Marais St)
83.581 in 12
11Detroit, MI
(W Jeffries Fwy / Seebaldt St)
84.781 in 12
10Camden, NJ
(Whitman Park)
84.781 in 12
9Detroit, MI
(Broadstreet Ave / Cortland St)
84.941 in 12
8Detroit, MI
(Wyoming St / Orangelawn St)
85.911 in 12
7Rochester, NY
(Orange St / W Broad St)
88.201 in 11
6Memphis, TN
(Chelsea Ave / N Claybrook St)
88.771 in 11
5Rockford, IL
(7th St / E Jefferson St)
89.701 in 11
4Saginaw, MI
(E Holland Ave / E Genesee Ave)
93.651 in 11
3Atlanta, GA
(Mcdaniel St SW / Mary St SW)
96.201 in 10
2Jackson, TN
(James Buchanan Dr / 1st St)
97.501 in 10
1East St. Louis, IL
(City Center)
100.971 in 10

Rockford has made the list twice.

Ranked number 5 in the area of 7th Street and East Jefferson Street.

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Ranked at number 18 in the area of North Rockton Ave. and West State Street.

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