This 1950s film highlights how the news was brought to the people of Rockford through the Rockford Morning Star, now the Rockford Register Star.

Every day starts the same. A cup of coffee and a browse through the morning newspaper at the breakfast table. At least that is how it used to be in my own opinion.

Now with the internet, many read the news all day on their smartphones or computers. Some even have notifications set on their cellphones so that they know they latest news as soon as it is published online!

Times have changed, but the importance and demand for information will always be the same.

When you think about what life was like before the internet, which some of today's teens have never had a world without it, you wonder how things were ever accomplished before.

In the video titled "Newspaper Story" you can learn all about publishing before computers. The film is from 1950 Encyclopedia Britannica Films and features the Rockford Morning Star newspaper.


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