When it comes to the names of newspapers, this town in the midwest might have the strangest.

When naming a newspaper, I've noticed, for the most part, companies stick to a simple formula.

It's the name of the city followed by something like daily, tribune, or register. For example in our area, it's the Rockford Register Star, Chicago Tribune, and Beloit Daily News.

A place in Missouri has decided to use that to their advantage when naming a new paper coming to town.

According to delawareonline.com,

"Cue the giggling: A small Missouri town has a new newspaper called The Uranus Examiner."

Yes, it's true. There's a town in Missouri named Uranus and they are calling their newspaper the "Uranus Examiner."

I feel like a middle school kid again because I started giggling to myself the second I saw it.

The "Uranus Examiner" is replacing the previous newspaper, the "Daily Guide," which shut down.

Uranus is located along Route 66 and known for its attractions like a fudge shop and home to the "World's Largest Belt Buckle."

When describing the "Uranus Examiner," the editor said it will be fun focusing on local news and attracting tourists.

Some residents aren't happy with the name because of what people might think.

I say, who cares what people think. It's brilliant.


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