"I live in a small town in Illinois"...HOW SMALL IS IT?

Don't take this personal, citizens of the following Illinois towns...but you are little. Super small. You are so tiny that if we blink we miss you.

Small Town U.S.A.
Michael Shake

Can we list a bunch of small towns in Illinois with under 1000 people, hell yes we can! Orangeville. Boom. Done.

Michael Warren

Here's a compelling list of towns you may choose to live one day. Where everybody knows your name, and will know your business. CityData

The small pig quickly runs

Just the names of some of these towns will trip you out:


  • Hooppole - Population 201
  • Shumway - Population 201
  • Spillertown - Population 202
  • Buncombe - Population 205
  • Donnellson - Population 205
  • Keensburg - Population 205
  • Norris - Population 206
  • Batchtown - Population 208
  • New Minden - Population 208
  • Adair - Population 210
  • Kinderhook - Population 211
  • Johns - Population 211
  • Standard - Population 211
  • Curran - Population 212
  • Mill Shoals - Population 212
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I live in Hooppole, IL. What the heck kind of name is that? BTW I think Orangeville, IL is like 600 people or something...super big time for this list.

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I've been watching a lot of "Moonshiners" the tv show lately, and I keep thinking that these are those towns. A church, a bank, 12 bars, and a fresh water supply out in the middle of nowhere that supplies the pipeline to some killer Moonshine! OK, probably not...But you get where I'm going.

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