In Illinois, there is a store owned by a former Reality TV star.

Reality TV Is Huge Including American Pickers

I am sure I do not have to tell you that Reality TV is huge. Viewers love it. One of the shows on the top of that list is "American Pickers." It is about traveling around the country to find collectibles for a bargain and flip them for a profit. The stars have actually been in Rockford a couple of times including a visit with Rick Nielsen from Cheap Trick.

The Stars Of American Pickers

The original stars of "American Pickers" were Mike Wolfe, who is still on the show, and his former partner, Frank Fritz. They were based out of their store, "Antique Archaeology" in Le Claire, Iowa. That only makes sense that they have spent time in Illinois.

Former American Pickers Star Owns A Store In Illinois

Unfortunately, Frank Fritz is no longer on the show but he is still in the antique business. In fact, he owns a store in Illinois and it is not too far from Rockford. It is called "Frank Fritz Finds." It is located at 324 Main Street in downtown Savanna, Illinois.

According to,

 "American Pickers" Fan? Find one-of-a-kind pieces at Frank Fritz's own antique shop!"

Meeting Frank Fritz From American Pickers

I did have the opportunity to meet Frank Fritz from "American Pickers" one time a few years ago. I was in Sturgis, South Dakota at The Full Throttle Saloon for the annual biker rally. He stopped by for one of the concerts. He asked me where the free beer was. When I informed him there was not any, he left.

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