For adventure in the United States, this small Illinois town is ranked number one.

Illinois Has Been Getting A Lot Of Awards Lately

I do not know if you have noticed but the state of Illinois has been receiving several awards lately. Say what you will about the Land of Lincoln and of course, it is not a perfect place, but there are some really good things about it too. Chicago does get a lot of recognition, so it is nice that another town is honored. Especially, because it is one of the smaller ones.

Savanna, Illinois Wins a National Award

If you are not familiar with Savanna, Illinois. It is a small town along the Mississippi River on the western edge of the state. It is one of those places that is always beautiful, particularly in the fall when the leaves change color. It does not get a lot of hype, so this big honor is kind of surprising.

According to,

"Savanna, Illinois has earned the number one spot on USA Today’s list of ‘Best Small Towns for Adventure’."


“We’ve got the Great River Bike Trail, the Mississippi Palisades State Park with all the overlooks looking over the Mississippi."


"We’ve got all the trails, kayak rentals, the river, tubing, and then all of our outdoor music all summer long.”

More Info About Savanna, Illinois

The pandemic has actually helped Savanna when it comes to visitors because people want to participate in outdoor activities. They have experienced an upswing in tourists which means more money for the community. For example, there are six bed and breakfast businesses located in the town. For more info about Savanna, HERE.

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