Don't worry about eating right and exercising, turns out those aren't the keys to longevity!

I've heard of people drinking wine for better health, but who knew beer could be the key to a longer life.

Getty Images for ESPN
Getty Images for ESPN

Every day for the past 15 years, a 101-Year-Old WWII Veteran credits cracking open a cold brew, Coors Light to be exact, to his long life.

On December 1st, Andrew E. Slavonic blew out 101 candles celebrating his birthday. His son, Bob Slavonic, told Fox News that his Dad began drinking Coors in 1996.

Then switched to Coors Light about 15 years ago because he preferred the lighter taste.

Andrew Slavonic is a WWII Air Force Veteran, where he served as a nose gunner on the B24 Liberator. Along with being a top turret gunner on the B17 Flying Fortress. Slavonic also was responsible for training new pilots that were transitioning from 2-engine to 4-engine planes during the war.

Bob moved in with his Dad back in 2016 to help with the everyday tasks around the house. But don't let his age fool you Andrew is still rather independent for being a centenarian. He was still moving his .06 acres of grass and shoveling the snow.

Bob went on to say that the spritely 101-year-old gets up every morning at 8:30 to cook his own breakfast. Later Andrew goes on to make his own lunch and reads the daily newspaper in his office.

You've all heard the expression "It's 5 O'Clock Somewhere", well that's too late for Andrew.

At 4pm daily, he promptly walks to the garage to grab a Coors Light out of the fridge. Bob said:

The bluer the mountains are on the can, the better"

MillerCoors has been notified of this veteran's affinity for Coors Light, but they haven't gotten in touch with the family.

I'd love to see this guy in a commercial for Coors Light!




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