Why do parents in Rockford ignore the rules of the road when picking up or dropping off their children at school?

I've driven in Chicago rush hour, fought traffic jams coming out of huge events, and even raced in an enduro at Rockford Speedway. Nothing compares to what I've experienced taking my daughter to and from school.

She is a sophomore in high school, so I've been dropping her off and picking her up from school for several years now. I still see maneuvers people pull off that surprise the heck out of me. It's like being in a real-life "Speed Racer" episode.

Sometimes I seriously think they forget how to drive or never looked at the "Rules of the Road" book. These parent drivers just don't care. They have one mission in mind. Getting their kids to and from school. Nothing is going to get in their way or stop them.

Here are 10 Ways Rockford Parents Forget How To Drive Around Schools.

1. Cellphone - They are trying to pinpoint the pickup location, so they are desperately texting and calling (without Bluetooth) them while driving

2. Parking - Since they are picking up a student, there's no such thing as a no parking zone. Anywhere is up for grabs including crosswalks, fire lanes, and handicap spots.

3. No Cop, No Stop - Stop signs are just a suggestion.

4. Make Your Own Road - I actually saw someone jump a curb and drive on the grass to avoid being stuck in traffic.

5. U-Turn - It would waste so much time going around the block, so they just do a u-turn right in the middle of the street.

6. Stop Anywhere - They are running a little late, so their child starts walking. They see them, so instead of pulling over. They just stop in the middle of the road.

7. Block Other Cars - There might be twenty open parking spaces, but they insist on not pulling into one. Instead, let's block people in and not move when they are trying to get out.

8. Don't Merge - If drivers were polite, let people in, and did the every other car method, the traffic flow would be much faster.

9. Illegal Turn - There's a no left turn sign, but of course that isn't meant for them.

10. School Speed Zone - There is one?

I understand it's going to be kind of nuts with a bunch of people heading to the same place at the same time, but that's no reason to drive like a crazy person.

Have you witnessed any of these types of things?

Does this describe you?

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