If you are starting a new job in Rockford, there are 10 things you should know before you start.

1. What's your commute? Do you avoid a busy intersection like Perryville and State? Do you risk taking the long haul down Alpine? Where's the best place to hop on 90? Should you avoid the roundabout?

2. Where do you park? You don't want to risk taking your new boss's spot. Stay away from the potholes. Do you park in the shade because of hot Rockford summer days scorching your leather seats? Is it worth a trip to the car wash after the birds get to it?

3. Where's the bathroom? Make sure on your first day to get a tour of your new work. You don't want to be wandering around aimlessly because you have no idea where the bathroom is or where to get pens. There nothing worse than a soggy sandwich because you couldn't find the break room to put your lunch in the fridge.

4. Why can't everybody wear name tags? A new job means a whole new group of co-workers. It can be a nightmare. Come up with a name you call anybody, "Dude" or "Buddy." You can simply not mention any names, and while walking down the hall, give a "What's up?" or "Hey!" Kind of like walking on the bike path.

5. What do I wear? Most people don't like to get dressed up if they don't have to, especially at work. Your best bet is to stay conservative. Those short shorts are probably best worn while on your buddy's pontoon boat on the Rock River. Let's leave the pajama pants for the Rockford Walmart shoppers.

6. Do you have lunch plans? What to do for lunch is always a big question. It really depends on how much time you have and where you're located. Of course, if you are going to allow yourself one day a week to go out, I suggest Tuesday because so many places in Rockford have great Taco Tuesday specials.

7. What's the rule for using internet for personal use? Are you allowed to use the internet for anything besides work? If you eat lunch at your desk, is it okay to set up my bills for auto pay? I saw some police cars in my neighborhood on my way to work. Will the company mind if I check out Rockford Scanner?

8. What's the bathroom environment? If you get in a serious situation, where you need to use the bathroom, you might want to scope it out first. You don't want to be the person that stinks up the whole office after enjoying Taco Tuesday. A quick trip down to Kelley's Market or Fas Mart might be worth it.

9. It's Friday night, are you ready to party? You find out you work with some cool people. They invite you to City Market. Remember dinner is always a good idea. Those micro brews are strong. It's not setting a good precedent by waking up in your car the next morning after a night of partying with your necktie as a headband.

10. How soon can I call in sick? You're not going to get many friends in the office, if after only a couple of weeks they see you on Facebook checking into the BMO Harris Bank Center for an IceHogs game and the next day you mysteriously have the flu.

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