So maybe number six is exclusive to me, but let's see here... how many of these things have happened to you when you were moving? 

Let's start with the fact that I've moved over ten times. From college in Iowa to the seven months I lived in L.A. to Wheaton, to Loves Park, to Downtown Rockford to not Downtown Rockford, plus all the times I moved back to my parents in between.

I should be a professional.

I say as I'm literally eating an entire pizza by hand and wiping my dirty hands on my pants in between typing.

It's been a long weekend. I started moving Friday afternoon and honestly just living the turtle life, slow and steady for three days enter Monday and *pow.*

Maybe it's the Super Pink Moon or maybe it's just life. How many of these things have happened to you while moving?

  1. Someone helping you move had their fly open and you just met them so you couldn't tell him...
  2. Your movers have to leave your dresser in a strange place because your friend is taking it and she didn't arrive on time. Hilarious though and she did get it successfully
  3. The elevator starts playing games and hijacks your TV stand and your awesome mover has to run up and down the stairs to catch it
  4. You get a splinter on a wooden spoon that's probably 30 years old from your mom... and your tweezers are still at your old apartment
  5. The Internet man nicely explained that he had to wait ten minutes for a co-worker to bring a part, and that took an hour
  6. When you're rushing around before your second COVID vaccine appointment you're on the phone with your co-worker and accidentally conference call a guy you went on one date with..
  7. Somehow the dishwasher stops in the middle and you have a half dishwasher pod sitting in the bottom.
  8. You don't have time to go to the grocery store before said shot so you 'shop' at your old apartment because there's a frozen pizza there.
  9. You set the fire alarm off with your frozen pizza... in a giant building and pray the sprinkler system doesn't kick in.
  10. You eat entire frozen pizza.

Number ten was the best part. I might eat some cookies, too. I've literally only eaten, pizza, Portillo's Chicken McNuggets, Ben & Jerry's and about ten apples in the last four days.

You gotta do what you gotta do.

I think I'm going to stay up and apologize to the full moon for whatever I did to cause this... I'll let you know how my second shot recovery goes!

In all honesty I'm really excited to move somewhere new, I just should've recruited some family and friends to help... or at least reach the fire alarm easier than I could.

If you're moving too, good luck and turn the fan on when you make your pizza. Or just order one.

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