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As I woke up Sunday morning, I was greeted by several messages "Hey you won the RAMI."  Obviously there wasn't an actual physical award show to attend, things were virtual once again this year.

96.7 The Eagle was nominated once again this year for the "peoples choice - favorite radio station" award, and once again we won. A huge thank you to all that voted for The Eagle for this years RAMI Awards.

This years RAMI Award show was a big step above last years virtual presentation. The fact that it was the first virtual show in 2020, led to several mistakes, errors, and gaps in time that made a lengthy award show seem even longer. But this year all the mistakes were cleaned up, and there were some new features and performances that made the flow work wonderfully.

Besides 96.7 The Eagle winning again, Sunset Strip got beat in every category that they were nominated for. Scotty Von Blazin lost "sexiest lead singer" "Most in-tune lead singer" and also the "pick a key, any key" category. Thought for sure he had that one nailed...sorry dude.

You can watch the entire 30th Annual RAMI Awards Ceremony HERE:

Hopefully this is the last run of this virtual stuff. While it is great that the RAMI organization puts all of this work in, getting people back together is what it's all about. This time next year, I look forward to getting together with everyone for an actual award ceremony.

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