When you go out to eat in Rockford and you notice something strange about the server, it could be because they're high.

I have several friends who work in the restaurant industry.

Many of them enjoy smoking marijuana. It's not just an after-work thing. They are usually "high" on the job. Most say that's why they work there. It's easy to get away with.

According to cbsnews.com,

"A new survey showed jobs in the food service industry are the most likely to have employees who use marijuana."

"Food preparation and serving workers had the highest prevalence of current marijuana users with nearly a third admitting to using the drug."

"The rates of marijuana use in the food service industry simply reflects the high proportion of young workers this industry attracts."

Next time you go out to eat and your order is wrong or you have slow service, it could be because of the staff smoking weed before their shift.


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