I've noticed people on Facebook posting about who will and won't see their posts. They're literally freaking out. Stop doing this. It's #fakenews.

Red flag #1 - It only took two posts to recognize it's one of those copy+paste statuses.

Red flag #2 - Clicking Like, commenting, or sharing will not change your news feed settings. (Actually, encouraging your FB friends/followers to do that will decrease your reach.)

Red flag #3 - See #1 and #2.

According to fact-checker Snopes.com,

We contacted Facebook to ask whether the claim of limiting personal interactions had merit, and a representative told us that the rumor held no water (which is in keeping with our own observations.) As with other viral posts aiming to “trick” Facebook’s algorithm, this rumor is both misguided and ineffective.

Alas, you can adjust your news feed settings to prioritize up to 30 friends/pages appearing first in your newsfeed.

Here's How To Do It

1.  At the top left (under your name) click "..." next to News Feed followed by 'Edit Preferences.'


2. Click 'Prioritize who to see first.'


The next pop-up will look like this...


3. By clicking "all" you will have the option to search through all your friends as pages you've liked. You can also see who you choose to see first.


You can only select up to 30 so choose wisely. And, don't forget to make Q98.5 one of those 30. (#cheapplug)

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