You can feel it in the air, come Monday people will be listening to 96.7 The Eagle even closer, and getting their typing fingers ready to win some cash! The 10K Stimulus Check starts Monday morning at 8am on the Eagle. We want you to be fully prepared and ready to win some bread.

O.K. so here are some key points to make sure everyone is on board, come Monday.

First off and this is the MOST important. Download the 96.7 The Eagle App HERE.

On the main screen you will see the "Win Cash" icon, this is where you will type in the code word that Double T gives you:


Beginning at 8 am and going until will hear a classic rocker at the top of the hour and THEN you will hear your 10k Stimulus Check Cash Code. Double T will give you all 10 daily cash codes, become one with his voice. Feel it, hear it, see it...or something.

Take the word and type it in on the app. It's truly that simple. Enter, enter, and enter.

You have 10 words per day so if you are going to be away from your radio, use team work AT work. Assign hours to people, work together...we want you to win!

Imagine winning $1000 or even the big one, $10,000!?!? After 2020, it's about time you get out and have some fun.

So there you go. Get the app on your smart phone, listen at the right times, type word in. Use team work when available. Good luck!

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