Tacos...How I love thee. I wonder if I wanted to find the BEST tacos in Illinois, where would I go? Thanks for asking, here are the Top Five Best Places in Illinois to Get Tacos! BESTTHINGIL

Greasy, crunchy, perfectly seasoned meat and all your favorite toppings...Don't forget the hot sauce, please.

Cantina Taco via Facebook
Cantina Taco via Facebook

Authentic taco spots are ALL OVER Illinois...You can find them in pretty much any city. But when it comes to the BEST, the MOST DELICIOUS, here's your top five.


Open up Google Maps and road trip! Here we go...

Taco Madre, Niles, IL - This place serves of tacos with a "hint" on Indian...What a unique concept. Mahi Mahi, shrimp, and the steak. Interesting.

Cilantro Taco Grill, Elmhurst, IL - Their very own custom creamy salsas, served in a smaller location. The only "negative" is that the inside of this place is so small.

Bien Trucha, Geneva, IL - The name is Mexican slang for "ON TOP OF YOUR GAME." According to repeat customers, that they are! 

Taqueria El Asadero, Chicago, IL - Generous portions and cheaper prices. This is a "hot spot" in Chicago...Trendy and delicious.

Velvet Taco, Chicago, IL - What's a "picnic taco?" I don't know but this place has them...They feature unique flavors with pork belly, spicy chicken tikka, and rotisserie chicken tacos.

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There ya go kids, grab your friends and map these spots out for a delicious road trip!

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