This season for giveaway nights, the IceHogs have Rockford themed bobbleheads.

It does matter what sport... hockey, football, baseball, basketball & etc or what team... IceHogs, Rivets, Cubs, White Sox, Bears, Hawks, Bulls & etc. One of the best giveaway nights of the season is "Bobblehead Night."

I would say it's a safe bet if you're a sports fan, you probably have at least one in your collection. I know people that literally own hundreds of them.

According to,

"The Rockford IceHogs, as part of their “Our Town Our Team” marketing campaign, are releasing a series of special-edition bobbleheads to honor three local stars who have reached the Major-League level in Major League Baseball, the National Basketball Association, and the National Football League." 

"The Our Town Our Team bobblehead giveaways will feature current Oakland Athletics outfielder, Jake Smolinski (Feb. 2), Toronto Raptors guard, Fred VanVleet (Feb. 17), and Green Bay Packers defensive end, Dean Lowry (March 23)."

This is so cool. I definitely want these to add to my own personal collection.

All I want to know is what about a "Double T Bobblehead Night?"

Video: Steve Lynch from Autograph

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