Your driving record is "clean-ish" right? Maybe a speeding ticket once or twice, a parking violation that you paid off...Slow down a minute, you might have a ticket and you don't even know it. DriverDefense

It's been quite a while since I received a speeding ticket, so I figured my driving record was clean. I found a place you can go online and check out your drivers license record and boy was I surprised.

illinois paper drivers license
Jesse White via YouTube

If you have an Illinois driver’s license, the best way to check your driving record is to go directly to the source – the Illinois Secretary of State. They are the ones that issue your driver’s license. They can take it away. So their data is the data that matters most. DriversDefense

You need to obtain your "Illinois Driving Abstract" to see what's up with your record and if you have anything on it that you didn't know about. In the event that something happens to you in the future, it wouldn't be too much fun to learn about additional tickets on your record. That is NOT a good surprise. Click THIS LINK to find out about your Illinois Driving Abstract.

Doug Menuez

Now a warning, it does COST you something if you want or need to download and print out your "Illinois Driving Abstract" record. Once you do you have 5 days to print it out.

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