For $249 a night, this is the most expensive Air BnB rental in Rockford.

Airbnb is a fantastic place to find a place to stay when you are traveling or just looking for a quick getaway.

Regular people like you and I open their apartments and homes to strangers.

You have the entire apartment or home to yourself, much like a rental home or hotel room.

There are some stunning places to stay, yet others are just a big, well... strange.

I was curious to see what the most expensive place in Rockford on Airbnb is, because I assumed it would be a palace.

There are so many beautiful and historic homes in Rockford, I just knew it would have to be on the water, with vault ceilings, a hot tub and many other luxury items.

When I actually saw which was the most expensive, I lost my dang mind.

Most Expensive airbnb in Rockford

Yep, that's the only photo on the listing. From what I see, it's cracked tile and has only one half curtain.

The description is just as bare as the home itself.

The $249 a night rental on Airbnb is located on North Court Street in Rockford. It boasts that it accommodates two guests, with one bedroom and one bathroom, even though the listing says it has four beds.

There are zero amenities, except for the essentials. Essentials being toilet paper, bed sheets and soap. This means according to the listing there is no television, kitchen, parking, pool, hangers, internet... etc. There is like, nothing.

Adam, who is the host of this Airbnb, has been a member since 2014 and has zero reviews. I'm assuming this means no one has ever stayed in this home.

I'll be honest, I wouldn't stay in Rockford's most expensive Airbnb rental even if you payed me $249 a night! I'd rather be staying at this sweet Waterfront House in Beloit for $10 more a month!

Would you?