At this bar in Illinois, you can learn while you drink.

Have you ever noticed, the way you say something can change the response from your significant other?

For example...

This weekend, you want to go drinking and play some golf. There's the right way and wrong way to sell it.

If you said, I'm going to play a round of golf with my friends this weekend. Your partner would have no problem with that situation.

What if instead, you told them you were going to spend several hours with your buddies this weekend getting drunk. That wouldn't go over very well.

See, it's all about the approach.

There's a bar in Bourbannais, Illinois that can help you with that sort of situation. That's where the Chicago Bears have training camp.

According to,

"Book lovers unite for a quirky drinking experience that will delight any reader. This library bar in Bourbannais, Illinois is a fabulous place for dates and friends’ nights."

You read that right. It's called the "Library Bar" or simply called "The Library."

What works better?

Honey, I'm going to the bar.

Honey, I'm going to "The Library."

All kidding aside, it's a really cool theme. By the way, there are actually bookshelves filled with reading material for you to enjoy.

I'm going to stop by to check out when I go to Bear's Camp this summer.


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